Police Report & Recovery Assistance

Note: If your device has been stolen and you are receiving tracking data DO NOT TRY TO RECOVER THE DEVICE YOURSELF, work with law enforcement and provide our contact information, we will work with them to get your device back.

If your device has been stolen and you have GadgetTrak software installed on it please follow these steps.

Step 1: Log into the control panel and activate tracking for your device.

Step 2: File a police report at your location station. In the U.S. and other countries you will be required to file a police report before police will act on any of the information that GadgetTrak provides. You can file a police report for both lost and stolen devices, however only if the device was stolen from a public place, if the theft is the result of a burglary or other crime you will need to contact the police directly to file a report. Below we provide convenient links to file a police report for stolen property online where available:

Step 3: Once you have filed a police department notify us as well, include a police report number and as much information as possible, let us know the email address your account is under and the device which has been stolen. If you have a police report filed provide the number. We cannot help you recover a device if you did not have our software installed before it was stolen.
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