GadgetTrak for Windows: Anti-Theft For PCs - Preventing Laptop Theft

The FBI estimates that 1 out of every 10 laptops will be stolen within 12 months of purchase. GadgetTrak for Windows PCs helps protect your system from theft by utilizing powerful tracking technology to locate the precise location of your PC in the event it is stolen. Whenever your PC is moved to a new location, GadgetTrak detects this and sends information directly to you including IP address, internal network address, host names as well as location and ISP data.

GadgetTrak for Windows PC: How Does It Work?

GadgeTrak for Windows PC, is a location tracking program that resides on your computer. When the system is moved to a new location it sends you the new location and network information via email. GadgetTrak for Windows PC provides accurate tracking results including the laptop’s public and private IP addresses, as well as host names. By providing the information to law enforcement the tracking results enable identification of the thief’s name, phone number and address.

GadgetTrak for Windows PC determines the location of the laptop by analyzing its network configuration information, including the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and hostname. This technology provides an accurate, pinpoint location anywhere in the world, and the results are sent to you automatically, with no active monitoring whatsoever, to protect your privacy.

Tamper Proof & Persistent

Our software utilizes various tactics to evade detection by a thief. All communication is done silently in the background with no indication that the software is sending information. It is impossible to remove the software without an administrative password and the application files are hidden on the system from view. GadgetTrak for Windows PC is also designed to work in "hostile" network environments, even where internet connectivity is poor it will be able to send information worldwide. GadgetTrak for Windows also avoids ISPs blocking of SMTP ports.

GadgetTrak utilizes advanced security measures to prevent removal of the software by unauthorized individuals. Removal of the hard drive will not remove the software. The software is hidden from view and requires the original installer and admin authentication to remove.

GadgetTrak resides on your system without interfering with any other systems or adversely affecting system performance in any way. GadgetTrak for Windows PC is guaranteed to be malware and virus free.


Traditional location-tracking solutions track each movement of a system from a monitoring center, raising serious privacy concerns. GadgetTrak utilizes privacy-safe location tracking technology that does not rely on a monitoring center and protects your privacy.

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$24.95 1 Year License

$59.95 Lifetime License *

*Lifetime license is a one time fee with no annual subscriptions, the license can be transfered to a new device.

System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows XP SP2 or higher

Windows Vista SP1 or higher

Disk: 200K disk space

$29.95 - 1 Year License
$59.95 - 3 Year License