GadgetTrak Windows: Advanced Anti-Theft For Windows
Wi-Fi Positioning System & Flickr Integration

GadgetTrak Windows is the most advanced theft recovery solution available for today's Windows® systems. GadgetTrak Windows is designed for the latest notebooks and netbooks, taking advantage of integrated web cameras and wi-fi. When remotely activated the software will capture photos of the thief as well as their specific location every 30 minutes and send it to your email as well as Flickr account.

Advanced Wi-Fi Positioning
GadgetTrak Windows utilizes advanced wi-fi positioning to provide the accurate location (10-20 meters) of your device in the event of theft, without the need for GPS or additional hardware.

Web Camera Image Capture & Flickr Integration
When activated GadgetTrak Windows uses the integrated web camera to capture images of the thief and uploads them with location to your Flickr account and email.

Privacy Safe & Tamper Proof
GadgetTrak Windows utilizes privacy-safe tracking technology. All images, location and network data are never sent to us, only to your email and Flickr account . GadgetTrak integrates with the Windows security framework requiring admin priviliges to remove and modify its configuration.

Simple Web Based Activation
Remote activation is simple. Open a web browser, or use your web enabled cell phone to log in and click the tracking button, the next time your system connects to the Internet the software will activate sending data and images to you.

How It Works

GadgetTrak Windows is activated by logging into your online account and clicking a button to activate tracking. The next time your PC connects to the Internet the software will activate and start sending you emails with the specific location and network environment of the system, as well as use the camera to take a photo of who is using the system every 30 minutes. No additional password prompts appear and the thief is unaware the software is tracking them.