GadgetTrak Mobile Security Anti-Theft & Data Protection

GadgetTrak® Enterprise

With the increasing number of mobile devices being used by businesses and the different operating systems they run, management of these devices has become a problem for administrators. The very nature of the these means that they spend most of their time outside your firewall and control out in the "real world" where loss and theft are rampant, leading to a unprecedented rise in data breaches over the past few years, with 36% of all data breaches being the result of a lost or stolen device. GadgetTrak® Enterprise allows administrators to manage their mobile assets in the field, enabling them to track lost or stolen devices, remotely wipe sensitive data from them as well as ensure this data is securely backed up.

Data Protection

  • Secure encrypted backup

    Photos and contacts are encrypted and uploaded and stored online securely
  • Remote data wipe

    Remotely wipe personal data stored on your device and media card

Locate & Find

  • Advanced hybrid positioning

    We use a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi positioning and cell tower triangulation to track location
  • Device alarm

    If your device is lost or stolen you can remotely enable a piercing alarm, even if it's in silent mode


  • SIM change detection

    Detects unauthorized SIM change and alerts you to any new number assigned to the device
  • Tamper proof

    Once tracking is activated the software settings cannot be modified unless deactivated

Enterprise & Multi-Tenant

  • Designed for deployment across companies and organizations